Final Program as PDF:

Questioning the Utopian Springs of Market Economy

15-16 August 2014, University of Sydney

DAY 1: Friday 15 August

9:00 — Registration // Opening Comments 9:30 [room: quad history room s223]

9:30 -11:30


Panel 1: Beyond Market and ‘Man’ in Crises of Finance [room: quad history room s223]

John Mikler, Ainsley Elbra and Sundran Rajendra (University of Sydney), ‘The Discursive Power of Finance during and after the Global Financial Crisis in Liberal Market Economics’

Aida Hozic (University of Florida) and Jacqui True (Monash University), ‘Scandalous Economics: The “New Normal” of Gender after Financial Crisis’

Damien Cahill (University of Sydney), ‘Reading Embedded Neoliberalism through Polanyi and Hayek’

Randall Germain and Supanai Sookmark (Carleton University), ‘Regional Financial Integration in East and Southeast Asia: Lessons from Karl Polanyi and F.A. Hayek’


Panel 2: Embeddedness and Neoliberalism [room: quad s441]

Sahil Dutta (University of Sussex), ‘Neoliberalism and the Politics of the Big Bang Financial Reforms’

Ozgur Usenmez (Marmara University), ‘Turkish Finance: From Liberal Utopia to Keynesian Regulation’

Edgar Manjarin (University of Barcelona), ‘The Great Transformation in the Prelude to the Postwar Consensus’


Panel 3: Theorising Policies of Serfdom, Commodification and Migration [room: s204 oriental room]

Martijn Konings (University of Sydney), ‘Governing the Financial System: Risk, Banking and Neoliberal Reason’

Stephen Castles (University of Sydney), ‘Social Transformation Theory as a Framework for the Analysis of International Migration: Comparing Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and Australia’

Hironori Onuki (University of Wollongong), ‘Market-Driven Immigration Policy and the Commodification of Migrant Labour’


11:30 – 12:00: Coffee Break


12:00 – 1:00: KEY NOTE PLENARY 1: Sandra Halperin (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Polanyi’s Two Transformations Revisited: A “Horizontal” Perspective’ [room: quad oriental room s204]


1:00 – 2:00: Lunch


Panel 4: Fictitious Commodities and the Environment [room: quad s441]

Joy Paton (University of Sydney), ‘Nature in the Frame: Legacies of Polanyi and Hayek’

Rebecca Pearse (University of New South Wales), ‘Towards a neo-Polanyian Critique of “Climate Capitalism”’

Michael Paton (University of Sydney), ‘Hayek and the Environmental History of China: The Logic of Short Term Advantage and Ethics of Chance’


Panel 5: On the Utopian Springs of Market Economy [room: quad oriental room]

Jeremy Shearmur (Australian National University), ‘The Battle of Houghton Street: Beveridge, Robbins and Hayek and the L.S.E. Methodenstreit in the 1930s’

Mark Bahnisch (Centre for Policy Development, Sydney), ‘Hayek and Polanyi’s Liberal Utopian Imaginary’

Roni Demirbag (University of Sydney), ‘Hayek and the Choice between Liberty and Serfdom: To Be or Not To Be Coerced?’


5:00 – 6:30: KEY NOTE PLENARY 2: Philip Mirowski (University of Notre Dame), ‘Polanyi vs Hayek?’ [room: quad history room s223]


7:00 Conference Dinner: Australian Youth Hotel, 63 Bay Street, Glebe, Sydney, NSW 2037.


DAY 2: Saturday 16 August

10:00 -11:30

Panel 6: The Self-Regulating Market? [room: history room s223]

Bru Laín (University of Barcelona), ‘The Democratic Republican Conception within Polanyi’s Work’

Ben Manning (University of New South Wales), ‘Polanyian Embeddedness and Prison Camp Economies’

Ahmet Arif Eren (Artvin Coruh University, Turkey) and Mesut Sert (University of Erfurt), ‘The Dilemmas in the Economic Thought of Hayek and Polanyi: Vienna vs. Budapest and/or Embeddedness vs. Spontaneous Order’


Panel 7: On the (Re)Birth of the Liberal Creed [room: quad latin 2, s225]

João Rodrigues (University of Coimbra), ‘Utopian and Realist Moments in the History of Neoliberalism: Karl Polanyi and the Antinomies of Friedrich Hayek’s Project’

Ola Innset (European University Institute), ‘Hayek, Polanyi and Totalitarianism: Enforcing Economic Arguments’

Michelle Hackett (University of Western Australia), ‘“Everyday” Actors in a Polanyian Double Movement, or Unwitting Foot-soldiers for the Neoliberal Status Quo?: The Case of Social Enterprise’


11:30 – 12:00: Coffee Break


12:00 – 1:00:    KEY NOTE PLENARY 3: Gareth Dale (Brunel University), ‘The Perils of Social Integration’ [room: quad history room, s223]


1:00 – 2:00: Lunch


Panel 8: Great Transformations and Historical Geographical Materialism [room: quad history room, s223]

Phil Roberts (University of Sydney), ‘Towards a Polanyian Geographical Political Economy: Space, Place and Scale in The Great Transformation

Adam David Morton (University of Sydney), ‘The Great Trasformismo

Nicola Short (York University, Toronto), ‘Market/Society Mapping: Conceptions of Power and Ideology in Polanyi, Hayek, Foucault, Lukács’

Alf Nilsen (University of Bergen, Norway), ‘Theorising Collective Agency in the Double Movement: Social Movements Above and Below in Capitalist Development’