Introduction of an “Early Bird”

As a short squib on the forthcoming workshop  I want to highlight the introduction of an ‘early bird’ registration process.

Those participants registering between now and 7 July can benefit from the small fee of AU$100 (fully waged) or $50 (concession) and dinner at $60 (fully waged) or $40 (concession). Those registering between 8 July and 7 August will be subject to a late payment fee on the registration at AU$150 (fully waged) or $75 (concession).

The hope is that people will take this opportunity to register in advance as take up for the workshop proceeds apace. The event will be truly interdisciplinary with papers and plenaries addressing at times both Polanyi and Hayek, or adopting a focus on one specific figure all related to issues as diverse as finance; the ‘embeddedness’ of neoliberalism; migration; the environment; the battle of ideas; the ‘self-regulating’ market; utopian visions; and the great transformations shaping the geographies and political economies of capitalist development.

The workshop therefore reaches across political economy, sociology, anthropology, international theory, political theory,geography, economic history and political science.

All welcome!


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